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Bihar is a landlocked state that has borders with Nepal in the north, Uttar Pradesh on the west, Jharkhand on the south and West Bengal on the east. Although it’s the part of the Hindi speaking heartland of India, it nevertheless has several Hindi dialects such as Bhojpuri, Hindustani. Interestingly it was this Magahi that was spoken during the reign of Ashoka. Bihar is situated on the eastern part of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. It is rich in untapped mineral wealth, with its fertile alluvial plain occupying the north while rocky and mineral rich plateau in the south, also called the Chhotanagpur Plateau region. Bihar also has an amazing and glorious history as the centre of the subcontinent’s culture and politics since ancient times.
Well, as a result of town remains thick all the time by foreigners, the tastes of consumers here are rather more spirited comparison to different elements of the country. That’s why prospects are infinite as way as jeans fashion is worried. Consumers here seem to be rather more involved regarding the standard of the merchandise thus here isn’t any scope for affordable businesses. Famoso jeans has the largest hub in Bihar for Denim Jeans wholesaler in Bihar.